A 14-hour hackathon run by students, for students, at 42 Silcon Valley.

PacHacks is a 14-hour, student-run hackathon held at 42 Silicon Valley in Fremont, CA. High schoolers attending this event will be able to develop their programming skills and bring their ideas to life. This event is aimed at all students - from novice hackers to the most experienced ones, and we will have workshops and mentors available to assist hackers in creating the project of their dreams.

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Rajesh Moothedath

Rajesh Moothedath

Srinath Premachandran

Srinath Premachandran

Puja Chhabria

Puja Chhabria
Bank of America

Judging Criteria

  • Creativity
    Is your project unique or original? Does it take an interesting or creative approach to a problem?
  • Technical Difficulty
    Is your project technically impressive?
  • Value
    Does your project solve a problem that actually exists? Is it feasible for people to use this product in the real world?
  • Presentation
    Does your project have an aesthetic UI and a pleasant user experience?
  • Completeness
    Is your project more than just a few mockup designs or a landing page? Does it actually work?